Automate your preparatory marketing activities and market more easily, more efficiently and more mobilely.

What is Immonify?

Immonify is a new type of cloud service that automates the preparatory marketing activities for real estate transactions.
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Multilingual information exchange

Digitise properties easily, conveniently and quickly on-site or remotely via contactless web app

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Optimised marketing process

Our concept, approach and process of real estate marketing with Immonify

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Professional WebApp and exposés

Market better with our innovative WebApp and individual professional exposés in all languages

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Qualitative real estate data
Qualitative real estate data

Standardised, refined and enriched property and environment data in all common formats

Data attributes

Market properties more efficiently

Improve digital processes and market real estate with Immonify easier, more convenient and up to 75% more efficient
Our vision
The creation of a language-neutral system for the mobile, flexible and secure exchange of structured real estate data.
Our mission
We enable the worldwide exchange of the most diverse property data easy, fast and secure according to DSGVO requirements.
Your added value
We help you to higher degree of digitalisation and more efficiency, cost saving and marketing potential.
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Immonify introduces itself

In our two-minute explanatory film, we introduce you to the novel digitisation service 'Immonify'. Using a practical example, we show how our service works and what added value it offers with regard to optimising your work processes.

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By integrating and using Immonify, your real estate data will not only achieve better quality and consistency, but your digital business processes will also benefit from greater efficiency, standardisation and scalability.

The Swiss army knife for real estate agents

With the intuitive and customisable Immonify WebApp, you can complete property recordings quickly and easily - on site or conveniently from a distance.

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Multilingual property recording

German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and more...

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Easy and immediate use

The Progressive Web App is user-friendly, simple, intuitive and requires no installation

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Owner suitability

Exchange data with your owner leads anonymously, securely and contactlessly remotely

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Customisable and personalisable

Customise your logo and corporate design colours and personalise the app for your employees

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Virtual remote property recording

Conduct virtual property surveys with your inquiring owners

Immonify web exposés

After every object recording, a comprehensive, modern, responsive web exposé generated.

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Comprehensive property information

General information, sizes and areas, conditions, availability, descriptions

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Dynamic, interactive map

Virtual map with street view and up to 24 relevant locations in the vicinity

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Real estate showcase

Interactive photo and floor plan gallery, object video and virtual 360-degree tours

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Release and distribution management

Easy management of object approval and sharing via email, social media and WhatsApp

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Centralized file storage

Central, secure access from the web exposé to all marketing-relevant documents

Professional exposés in any language

Fully automated, professional and legally valid exposés in your own corporate design.

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Exposé cover page

Object details, size details, basic equipment, energy details, availability and conditions

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Up to 150 equipment features for living, cooking, sleeping, office, multimedia and security

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Description texts

Fully automated generation of property, equipment and location descriptions

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Location and surroundings plan

Relevant places in the vicinity such as local and long-distance public transport, utilities, education, leisure and culture

Vicinity map with up to 25 places in the vicinity

Immonify determines all relevant localities in the vicinity and their distances from the property fully automatically on the basis of a radius search.

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Passenger transport
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Supply facilities
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Sports and fitness facilities
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Health services
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Teaching and educational institutions
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Leisure facilities

Automated location analyzes

To assess the market opportunities a property in a specific region, Immonify analyzes the micro-location of the property .

Demographic data

Household key figures and development as well as population key figures and their development

Sociographic data

Qualitative and quantitative living space indicators divided according to property type and size

Market and price development

Development of historical rental and purchase prices for different asset classes

Clean property data in a well-structured form

Immonify creates a standardised and encrypted zip archive for you for each marketing.

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Documents and photos

The data package contains all the documents and photos required for marketing the property.

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Structured data

You receive the structured property data for further use in CSV, JSON and XML format.

Business benefits

Our service not only makes it easier and more efficient for you to market properties, it also makes them much more scalable