Immonify App

Digitise a wide range of properties in minutes with our intuitive and customisable web app.
Step-by-step to the digital property

Entering the property data in the app is simple and intuitive. The entire process of digitising a property takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the equipment.

“Simple, intuitive and efficient data collection”
All contact data always at hand

Via the Immonify app, your client has all relevant contact data at hand at all times and can contact you immediately via all channels if necessary.

“A really helpful and useful app feature”
Virtual live meeting at the touch of a button

Using the fully integrated live meeting function, you can have the owner present the flat to you remotely for a contactless viewing.

“Online meeting saves you many on-site viewings”

Digitisation process

With the Immonify WebApp you can record fully equipped properties easily and quickly in just a few minutes, on site or virtually.

Product Features

Immonify is a sophisticated digitisation tool with a wealth of valuable data management functionalities
Progressive Web Application
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High data granularity
Multilingual data exchange
Automatic translations
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Automatic stock search
Automatic descriptive texts
Professional exposés in real time
Extensive data formats
Secure encryption

Immonify professional exposés

Immonify automatically generates highly professional print and web exposés for you in various languages and in your corporate design.